Fetch and Stretch (Dog Yoga)

YOGA with your DOG at Palmer Park (Janesville, WI)

At Palmer Park in Janesville, Wisconsin., yoga has gone to the dogs.


Participants in Fetch & Stretch: Yoga at the Dog Park will practice yoga on the grass while our dogs play in the park. Select Wednesday's throughout the summer, starting June 5th

• TRUE Studio certified yoga teachers from TRUE studio will lead the dog owners at Fetch & Stretch through an hour-long class.

• TRUE studio know's that it is important to have time with your pooch and also fit in a yoga practice. Combining a yoga class with time at the dog park is super convenient for busy participants.

"Yoga at the dog park is ideal because it allows me to accomplish multiple goals at once. With a busy job, I often lack the time to tackle everything I set out to do at the start of the day, and it's usually my dog's exercise or mine that gets compromised," says Kuerschner. "Fetch & Stretch allows us to practice yoga while my golden retriever enjoys her much-needed social time and burn(s) off some energy running laps around dog park companions."

• Fetch & Stretch: Yoga at the Dog Park is a fun activity to do with your dog and an example of what dog owners search for in their communities. There are benefits for both people and their canine counterparts. The dogs get to socialize, their owners get to exercise, and everyone has a great time.

Dog park yoga will be held on these dates in Janesville, WI (Summer 2017):

  • Monday, June 5th 5pm-630pm
  • Monday, June 12th 5pm-630pm
  • Monday June 19th 5pm-630pm
  • Monday, June 26th 5pm-630pm
  • NO CLASS July 3rd (Due to holiday weekend)
  • Monday, July 10th , 5pm-630pm
  • Monday, July 17th, 5pm-630pm
  • Monday, July 24th, 5pm-630pm
  • Monday, July 31st, 5pm-630pm
  • Monday, August 7th, 5pm-630pm

We can’t wait to see you there!

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