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POE Yoga - (Edgar Allen Poe Themed Yoga)

Thursday, October 12th.... join us for this amazing yoga experience in honor of "Edgar Allen POE.

The writer Edgar Allen Poe describes the ineffable state between sleep and waking. TRUE studio is holding a party in his honor during this "spooky" time of year. TRUE studio will host a “'theatrical" style yoga event complete with Edgar himself reciting "the Raven" during opening meditation and we will finish with a yoga nidra!

What to bring: Yoga Matt / Watter Bottle

What to Wear: Black (think... Edgar's funeral meets a yoga party!) Feathers, and face paint are encouraged!

Wine and appetizers served as part of the event. Bring something to keep you warm before/ after this heated 85-90 degree ALL LEVELS class.

Mr. POE must have been a yogi.... because here were his thoughts on sleep/waking that we know as meditation... namaste Mr POE!

"There is, however, a class of fancies of exquisite delicacy, which are not thoughts, and to which, as yet, I have found it absolutely impossible to adapt language… They arise in the soul only at its epochs of most intense tranquility – when the bodily and mental health are in perfection – and at that mere points of time where the confines of the waking world blends with those of the world of dreams. I am aware of these ‘fancies’ only when I am upon the very brink of sleep with the consciousness that I am so…”

Edgar Allen POE

Cost $30 (30% off for members)

Tickets available soon!


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