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RTY Teacher Training January 2018


What we offer!

  • Real Life Application
  • Expert Instruction
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200hr RYT (Yoga Teacher Certification) January 2018

It's called Yoga Teacher Training but it's not solely for people who want to teach yoga. It's also for those who wish to improve their relationship with their thoughts, their hearts, their bodies and other like-minded peeps in the community.

Warning: side effects include increased flexibility, less interest in alcohol, greater chances of being tagged in social media posts, and a more positive outlook on life.

Sessions 7am -9pm all days (Most meals provided)

Module 1 (Earth) 7am-9pm (January 7-8)

Module 2 (Water) 7am-9pm (January 9-10)

Module 3 (Air) 7am-9pm (January 11-12)

Module 4 (Fire) 7am-9pm (January 16-17)

Module 5 (Ether) 7am-9pm (January 18-19)

Module 6 (Practical & Workshop Presentations) 7am-9pm (January 20-21)

This intensive format is meant to completely immerse you in your teacher training, allowing you to experience a powerful transformation as you learn real life application and receive expert instruction.

This is a program for people who are ready to take the next step and discover their own power.

Lead by TRUE Studio® owner Stefanie Kuerschner, MBA, RNBC, (500 RYT) herself, and other Senior TRUE studio instructors, TRUE Studio's 200-HR RYT Teacher Training Pro®gram is designed to totally immerse students in the transformation process of Yoga. This program is open to those who want to teach and learn how to show up powerfully and LEAD their own lives.

The TRUE Studio® Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program consists of over 200 hours of training, meeting Yoga Alliance's 200-HR RYT requirements. Our program is also approved by the Educational Advisory Board of Wisconsin (EAB) as a post secondary educational institution.

Program Modules focus on an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of Hatha/ Vinyasa yoga, power yoga asana and assisting, sequencing, yoga physiology and philosophy, meditation and pranayama, connecting with your class, and practical teaching experience with feedback.

Our goal is to produce knowledgeable, authentic teachers who can teach at any venue and be powerful! We are committed to teaching yoga in a way that is accessible to our modern society, demystified and practical for daily application and, ultimately, as a way of life. Celebrated as a Teacher of teachers, Director Stefanie Kuerschner, MBA, RN, ERYT (500hr / 200hr ERTY and RYPT) has designed a powerful program infused with creativity. Stefanie brings her passion and wisdom to every teacher training, sharing the principles of TRUE Studio.

The TRUE studio expert teaching team will be your guide on this life-changing journey to uncover the meaning of yoga and transform your life. Through asana, self-inquiry, group discussion and sutra study you will develop teaching skills that enrich your personal practice and inspire you on your path toward spiritual progress. Yoga is about relationships and our time together asks for your active participation in our community yoga events. Expect homework, personal projects, in-class presentations and yoga that reflect our explorations and uphold our celebrated reputation.


TRUE Flow Sequencing

Yoga Philosophy and History


Intro to Ayruveda and Doshas

The Chakra System

Yoga and Medical Conditions

Yoga for Balance Disorders


Practice Teaching


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