TRUE Strength®

TRUE Strength® is choreography for your soul.

A workout for your mind as well as your body, this immersive class reminds you what it feels like to be strong, flexible, and totally in balance. You will cycle faster, stretch further, and breathe more deeply than you thought you ever could.

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During every class, you keep moving!

Our highly-trained experts offer personalized attention and encouragement. Their holistic routines are accompanied by invigorating music to challenge you to reach your next level of fitness.

Our classes are individualized, so that you feel comfortable beginning at your pace.

Every ride, every stretch, every day – your fitness goals are your own.


TRX Strength® Express (30 min)

  • Open to all fitness levels
  • This class uses TRX straps in a fast pace format to give every major muscle group the attention and workout it needs. For the ultimate workout, pair this with TRUE Cycle, for added cardio benefits.

TRX Strength® - Iron Circuit (60 min)

  • Open to all fitness levels
  • A high intensity interval workout that focuses on conditioning your mind and body. In this call you will use TRX straps, sticks, and Kettle bells.

TRX Strength® - Transform (45 min)

  • Open to all fitness levels
  • Requires prior TRX experience at a strong intermediate or advanced level. Build strength through high intensity, powerful movements and exercises. Designed to push your physical limits, this TRX class will leave you feeling stronger than ever.

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