Mom Strength / BYOB (Prenatal/Postnatal / Baby friendly Barre and Yoga)

Mom Strength is TRUE Studio's signature prenatal/postnatal baby wearing friendly Barre class.

This barre classes are open to pregnant moms, postnatal moms, and all adults. Pre-crawling babies are welcome, and babywearing is encouraged.

All ages and levels of fitness experience welcome. This fast, fun class brings you a TRUE Barre / Yoga fusion class that is adaptable for babies in carriers, or moms at any stage of pregnancy. TRUE Barre utilizes targeted isometric movements to tone, lift, and engage muscle groups one at a time, sometimes even ones you didn’t even know you had. Each class is full of energetic music, an encouraging, empowering instructor, and uses a blend of unique exercises on your mat or at the stable barre, sometimes with a bit of cardio mixed in. Caregivers are invited to bring their baby (birth to pre-crawling) along in a carrier to this class to make getting in your workout a little bit easier while soaking up support from the community. Feeding or diaper changing in the space is welcome, and bringing baby is not required. With baby or without, this class is a perfect way to pack a lot of fitness into a fast, fun class.

Class Times are as follows:

  • Wednesdays 430pm- 515pm (Beginning November 15th)
  • Sundays 7pm-8pm (added starting January 7th)


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