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TRUE Meditation - Releasing and Letting Go

If we let go a little, we have a little peace.

If we let go a lot, we have a lot of peace,

If we let go completely, we have complete peace.

—Ajahn Chah

Spring is the perfect time to release and renew! This workshop will allow you to unravel, let go, and connect to your own higher self so you can dissolve what is getting in the way of finding deeper fulfillment. Our busyness keeps us from accessing our own ability to shed the weight of hurt or troubles from the past. We feel fear. We hold on. We try to control. Our hearts become constricted and this limits us. It keeps us from fully participating in the present, which is the only place we can experience love, happiness, and fulfillment. Come and connect to your own internal wisdom and capacity for softening and clearing away what you no longer serves you.

In this workshop, we will begin with a brief talk and discussion about what keeps us stuck and what helps us let go. This will include some reflection questions to unite you with your own inner knowing and any resistance you may have. We will practice simple breathing techniques for relaxation. These help us to quiet our minds and awaken to something deeper within ourselves. This will lead into a meditation to promote stillness and allow us to experience the present moment without pressure for doing or being anything other than what we already are, our own true nature, pure awareness. From this receptive state, you will be guided through a visualization with beautiful imagery for relaxation, releasing the old, and welcoming the new. We finish with a lovely water ceremony to honor the realizations we have made and move these forward into our everyday lives.

Workshop will include;

• Brief talk and discussion on what helps us let go as well as reflection questions

• Breathing techniques for releasing and relaxing

• Guided meditation to experience deeper stillness and a visualization for letting go

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