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True Mindfulness for Anxiety and Stress

Mindfulness is egoless awareness. It is a practice through thought and deed where we, without conclusion or contemplation, are present in the very moment we currently exist. When we first see anything, there is a brief moment of time where we experience genuine awareness of what it is before we reflect on it and categorize it. This moment is very short. But through the intention of meditation, this moment can flow into the next, allowing us to be constantly present in life.

The practice of mindfulness can relieve stress and anxiety. Consistent practice of mindfulness sharpens our concentration, our power of thought, and affords us our personal transformation. We start with the rise and fall of our breath, turning our attention inward to our minds, centering our consciousness on the here and now. Once present, we are able to recognize that our minds are in a constant state of scrutiny, processing and weighing virtually every single kernel we take in. But these thoughts that bombard us and spin the wheels of our minds are merely thoughts and hold no real weight. We should feel free to let them go and be present in our life at this time.

Release stress and decrease anxiety and learn tools to grow this practice in your daily life in this powerful workshop.

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