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TRUE Cycle® is our signature 45-minute indoor cycling class.

From the moment you clip-in to the bike, we aim to connect your mind and body as never before. Your heart rate rises as your senses awaken. Your inner revolution begins.

Coming soon to the Janesville Country Club January 2017!

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High energy music and visual content are used in combination.

And your guide is a professional instructor, who follows specific and effective training protocols. The energetic tempo provides an exhilarating experience to motivate you throughout the ride. You may feel the support of like-minded riders, but the goals you climb toward are authentically yours.

Ride after ride you will experience the power of pedaling.

Your core will become tighter. Your mood will elevate; and you will know you are better for having the courage to push yourself to be your personal best.

TRUE Rhythm

You'll sweat passion and pedal ambition in our signature 45-minute high-intensity ride. This exhilarating endorphin party offers rhythmic beats and inspirational coaching that will change your body...and your mind!

TRUE Performance

Our TRUE Performance classes are road-inspired and offer the newest ANT+ technology for tracking speed, power, and endurance. Whether you're crushing flat roads or attacking hills, you'll get lost in the pulsing beats and ambient lighting as you take your ride to the next level.

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