Get your Yoga Teaching Certificate with TRUE Studio’s 200hr RYT course.

Our expert instructors will guide you in the art of teaching yoga in relevant and meaningful ways. Become empowered as you explore the ancient practices of yoga and meditation, and learn how to incorporate them in your daily life with heartfelt integrity.

Over the 200-hours, we dive into the history, philosophy, anatomy, asana and yoga's modern day purpose and relevance. Throughout the course, you will grow, transform, and learn to be a reputable yoga teacher. At TRUE Studio, we expect a lot, but we give even more in return. We are committed to your evolution as a teacher.

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We're all looking for something.

Find it here. Find Your True.

We’re all looking for that place inside that thrives.

In a world full of demands, we all seek islands of solitude, while yearning for intimacy with others. We want passion and we want peace. We feel an urgent need to unplug, yet a burning desire to connect. While we hold it all together, we ourselves, crave release.

We’re all looking for something.

Permission. An opportunity. Freedom.

At TRUE Studio, you’ll find permission to unplug. Even for a single hour. Your hour. You’ll find an opportunity to connect to a soul yearning to sing. Yours. You’ll find the freedom to embrace the solitude of a single mat or a single bike—one set down in a community of many. And you’ll find strength, which you’ll carry with you into the world.